Thursday, March 29, 2018


2018-03-29                                                                                 INRI

You are all pilgrims traveling a journey to a land you know not, but your hearts possess it already.

While you traverse the earth, however long or short your path to your eternal Heaven, I do not desire that you walk in darkness, I have allotted all the necessary gifts to each, allowing you the freedom to serve Me and your fellowman.

You are not alone, I am as I promised, never leaving you orphaned, may you always harbour gratitude and praise within your heart for all that you’ve been given, humbly acknowledging your unworthiness.

I am the Light of the world, should you not stay close to Me, are you not weak and prone to abandon Me, tell Me that you do not trust yourself, especially because of all that discourages your efforts.

Even in whatever turmoil that surrounds you today, receive My Peace, walk in My Love, forgiving everyone who has ever offended you, and your heart will be at peace.

Keeping your eyes on Me and your thoughts united with that of the Holy Spirit, you will not encounter bouts of discouragement, thoughts of inferiority and humiliation.

These are from the evil one and his allies, who try to drive you to despair, digging up past sins, theyaccuse you relentlessly, rehashing every detail regarding the past indiscretions.

When one believes that he’s gone too far to ever be redeemed, ask the Holy Spirit to take possession of your thoughts, and realize that I am with you, having already forgiven you all, seek repentance and absolution.

Receive peace and a new conversion, you were not meant to carry a heavy burden of sin, My Grace of forgiveness and My Merciful Love are the remedy, for I carried your sins to the cross and freed you from the burden.

Even in life’s most dire consequences, you can rise above, seek help, doing so gives you a new perspective and new insight to the problem and how to proceed with My Blessings.

Heaven is your home, I created you for an eternity in Paradise, get yourself ready now, when you sojourn with Me, I’ll get you there safely and in perfect time, but for now there is work to be done, I am preparing a place for you

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