Thursday, January 26, 2012



Seek your joy in Me, find the love I placed in everything created, which I placed in the world for your pleasure and happiness.

When you do not perceive what I planned for your joy and enjoyment, you miss seeing Me.

The very air you breathe, and all you see, was created good, for your good and well being.

And so you want to thank Me, by your total giving of yourself, you feel completely encapsulated.

But within a very short time, something interferes with this perfect picture of self-giving.

Someone has hurt, bruised your self-esteem and you react with what appears to be your own will, again, it is not of My Will, learn from Me.

Come back into My arms, I have not let you go, and I have certainly not turned My back on you.

Be aware that not everything that you will hear, in the quiet of your mind, will be from Me.

But you will know by the contents of the words and through the gift of discernment if it is from Me.

In joy, which might come from suffering with Me, you will come more quickly into My very presence.

Yes, you long to be in the Heavens with Me, but there is a plan here and now, that requires your utmost co-operation, that also will give you much satisfaction and joy in the doing.

The ebb of your Spirit, that is your lowliness, calls you to decrease while I increase in you.

Do not flee from this ebb tide in life, which causes your mind and heart to be disheartened with thoughts of failure at times.

For greater is the drawing, the pull, the attraction, to your future dwelling with Me, your Creator.

So deep is My love for you that it trembles and shakes the very earth itself, what are you man that I should care for you?

All I desire for you is that you should love one another, nothing gives to Me so much pleasure, as to see you living the life I created you to live.

If you, in your quiet moments, close your eyes, I will give to you a new image of Myself, one that will lift your Spirits, from the ebb tides of life.

With strength renewed, go proclaim, that your God lives, be My disciples of love, show them, that I am love itself, and that I desire to dwell in and love through them.


Thursday, January 19, 2012


Ask Me to remove the obstacle that keeps you from doing God’s perfect Will in your life.

You say to Me, “I am doing Your Will Lord, what do You mean?”

As David faced Goliath, so must you face the problem, that insecurity, that necessity you elude, or that thing that you just cannot overcome in life.

Like David, until you put all your trust in Me, to take care of everything concerning that particular need, you are not free to serve as I need you to serve Me, you are reserved in your judgements and action.

Freedom is what I desire for you, for your soul to be free and not constrained.

Then you will do all from a surrendered heart, free of self and fear, filled with the Spirit.

You may not be conscious of the presence of this Goliath, whom you persistently evade not wanting to face this challenge to grow in faith.

But like David with his little smooth stone, which I empowered, to defeat the giant, I will also empower you to defeat your giant.

With faith the size of a mustard seed, you will defeat the giant that threatens to limit your growth.

Notice if you will, that I had previously increased faith in David’s heart, when I saved him from the lion and from the bear, preparing him for the great confrontation of Goliath.

Am I not doing this also in your life, to show you My Merciful love for you, that your faith be fortified?

My desire is that you be free to serve, not as a slave but with freedom to do what your Spirit truly wants to do for Me.

In order to gain merit for your souls, the Father wishes to give you all you desire, according to His Will, if you will allow Him to act.

He will not violate your rights of free Will, but you can be an obstacle to His acting in your life.

Intercede for all whom you wish to help, when it is needed, without hesitation but in great trust.

Your Faith must grow much stronger, soon the things, which you most depend on, will be no more.

Strengthen your resolve to draw closer to your Blessed Mother, She will direct your actions to a unifying walk with each other, and with Me, Your God, who will never leave you, nor forsake you.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Oh little fig tree, I see your lush green leaves, but where is your fruit?

This is a new beginning for you, do not think for one moment that I am displeased with you.

You have been thinking that all was as it should be, but you only sacrificed for things that affect you.

I am cultivating the ground around you, little tree in My garden, and will supply all that is needed, in order that you will produce fruit.

Upon your very creation, I named you, a name unknown to you or to your parents.

It is a name that uniquely describes who I created you to be, and, describes your talents or fruit with which to bring you happiness here and now.

You serve Me best when you walk this path in these shoes I prepared for you.

Do not be worried about how this will be realized and fulfilled, this is My work in you.

As yet this talent or fruit, remains undeveloped, unused in practise.

Soon I will enter My garden once again, but with needy people of My flock, who will be requiring this fruit which you will supply.

Pray now for the willingness of Spirit, to be moulded and strengthened, for your tomorrows are soon gone.

The fruit I require of you is so special that this gift has been given to no other one.

Uniquely have I made each one, so desired and loved above all your understanding or perception.

There will be difficult times that you must bear patiently, waiting for the new springtime to arrive.

Never forget that I shed My Blood and suffered, it was My food to do the Will of the Father to the finish.

The fruit you will bear, My little fig tree, will make you so happy, it will feel as if finally this is why you were created, the reason you were born.

Yes, what joy to offer your Maker, your Spouse, who loves the very thought of making you, even now a productive member of His Body.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Do not think of Me as being far off and distant from all that you do.

This could not be farther from the Truth, of which I am, who is within you.

I today, commission you as I commissioned My twelve Apostles, to go forth to cast out demons, cure diseases and every sickness.

You need not fear, only fear your pride, which will hinder your being fully used by Me.

There is at this time a great need for renewal of faith in God and in the Church because of complacency.

When materialism dominates the world of those who have, those who have not, those who are in poverty and desperation, look to their God for relief.

I look to you to help them, but who is responding, when you do not consider yourselves as having been given much in every way.

I am softening hearts that have been formerly cold and aloof to the needs of others.

Currently, ailments and needs of help with basic necessities, presenting themselves will draw your attention and startle your conscience to the needs of others.

You will have contact with people not associated with the familiar group.

With this, decisions will be required to be swift and made in faith out of love for your fellow man.

Child, your Father is watching closely and He is most pleased with your progress, thank Him.

Without your prior knowledge, a plan has been in operation since before your birth.

That you should accompany the Church Triumphant, as an upcoming Saint, is the fulfilment of your pilgrimage here on earth.

Keeping your eyes on Me, your world will seem transformed, as tribulations and vexations, lose their meaning, for you will have a new purpose.

I will enliven every cell in you even now, for your call into service.

I am healing you, do you ask Me for what you really need, is it something you are not aware you need?

Many of My people are asleep, oblivious to the danger that their very Souls are in, wake them up to the reality that, all they do and don’t do, actually matter, now and for all eternity!