Wednesday, June 19, 2013


My people, do not consider it strange that I allow you to suffer, for I am refining you as silver and gold, even in these times of uncertainty.

You are  after all My remnant people, and  you who will inhabit the New Jerusalem, you must be sanctified.

On your own, you will by no means be able to purify yourselves, and I desire to shepherd you into the land to which you have been destined to live.

All will experience suffering in one way or another in this world because of sin, some through natural disasters, others through physical diseases, yet it is your response that will determine your humility.

There will be times when you would rather do for yourself and not bother with the needs of some who are less fortunate than you, I in this instance will bless your efforts greatly when you serve.

I wish to cleanse all My people as they come before the Tabernacle, adoring and thanking Me, but so few avail themselves of this tremendous opportunity, I have been abandoned in My Churches.

Yes, throughout your day think of Me, just a word of praise pleases Me, and you are joined by the Heavenly hosts, who make intercession for the ailing world below.

Pray and rest in My presence, this will bring you the peace you require to make it through the day.

Look at your days’ joys and sorrows, handle them with gentle patience, for you do not know My plans.

Consider the privilege that you have been given, you are the Father’s adopted children, who will inherit the Kingdom for all eternity.

Even now in the receiving of your daily bread, the Eucharist, you are receiving a prerequisite, a taste of Heaven itself, to nurture you.

Not living for yourselves, you are beginning to act as children of your Father, as Heavenly inhabitants.

Out of love for Me, you devote your time and talents to serve each other.

It warms My heart to see you acting out of love, to help those who by their lives and circumstance, are not able to advance you in any way, yet you selflessly help them.

Faith is born in others when they view this kind of caring, and I reward those who respond to the need.

My blessings will be upon you and it will be contagious, spreading goodwill and peace to all you’ll meet.

The world must see in you My joy, why would they consider to become a follower of Mine, if sadness and discouragement were all that they see, I give all of you this mission for the world’s conversion.


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