Tuesday, June 11, 2013


The night is far spent and many are receiving the call to believe and repent before it is too late.

Soon the alarm will be heard throughout the world, marshal law, a new world order religion, a currency for the world, what now seems as a peaceful existence is anything but.

While under the guise of scientific and technical advances to aid and advance people, in greater knowledge and security in life, your leaders are being programmed to execute total control over you.

That is death to your freedom as you now know it, things will become disastrous very shortly.

It is not My aim to bring fear or to frighten you and paralyze you, but to bring you assurance of hope and of victory for My people.

Do you doubt for one minute that you are My chosen ones, and that you have been born again of water and the Spirit, for only then will one enter the Kingdom of God.

You must be totally convinced in trusting Me, for others are in need of your help in coming to Me to be saved, I am depending on your help.

Unbelievers and those who are wasting precious time, acquiring what will soon be lost to them anyway, need to be evangelized.

Paul the Apostle of the gentiles, was the one whom I used to bring you into the fold, you must now in like manner, be the ones to bring the lost ones into the Church and into eternity.

Be lights in showing others not to rely on the tangible things of earth, for soon control of your finances and dwellings will not be yours to do with as you please.  

But I assure you, just as when Peter was jailed and confined securely, I sent My angel to free him, I will likewise in timely fashion take care of you and all your needs.

Myriads of angels are praising and singing hymns in the Heavens, but it is your hymn of praise and thanksgiving that I am most anxious to hear, especially that you trust in My Mercy here and now.

You have been given all that is required, to do the work that is being demanded of you, for it has never been just a suggestion for such an important mandate.

Keep in close contact with your Blessed Mother, She has been allowed to lead you in sure paths, do as She recommends and do not ever leave the shield of Her mantle, She will be your protection.

None of you are expendable, I rely on your cooperation and on the Wisdom given you by the Holy Spirit in these troubled times, to accomplish what is given to you each day, for our final victory is assured.


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