Wednesday, June 5, 2013



When I walked the earth, many of those that l healed, needed their souls healed before they were ready to receive healing in their bodies.

Satan brought affliction to the world, a world that was created for peace, joy and love.

Today I want to use those whom I have chosen, for a unique gift, a portion of redemption with Me.

Many souls are being saved by those who have accepted, that is have resigned themselves and given
themselves to Me, in order that I might use them to save those who might otherwise be lost.

Suffering patiently, they offer to Me love and compassion for the suffering I had endured for them.

All will carry a cross, but not everyone will carry it redemptively, you have still opportunities available to you in which to bear fruit for the Kingdom of God here and now.

Because of the original sin, which you inherited, much was lost in the garden, but the Father had an
even greater plan, never is He confounded by anything that happens.

His plan was that I would redeem you and all the world, through My suffering and death, thereby
overcoming death.

Walk with Me now, I am is standing beside you, whispering through the wind in the trees, giving you a fragrance and beauty of flowers, birds singing with melodies rich for My glory, I want to awaken you.
I want to awaken you to My presence everywhere and to give you My Shalom, it is the Hebrew word
that means ”complete.”

I complete you and fill you leaving no part empty, no space where the evil one can occupy, you are

Receive My Shalom at all times throughout your day, calling on My Spirit in difficult times of doubt or despair, times of temptation or in loneliness.
I am there ready to calm the pain of rejection, I am there to cool anger in the situation at hand, and I am there especially when the pain of physical suffering becomes unbearable.
Remember always to unite with My suffering, that is how you make it redemptive, I help you to endure and carry the cross, that which will ultimately make you a saint.

Shalom My children, I complete you and there is no emptiness within any of you, you will sleep peacefully and if you should awake in the night, know that it is I who am lonely for you, spend this time with the One who loves you the most.


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