Wednesday, June 26, 2013



Christian perfection, does that seem to be beyond what you deem possible for your life?

All must strive for perfection, as you view your life, do you find anything that takes you away from Me?

Seek to discover what it is, even for today, ask to have revealed to you, that which makes you forget Me.

I want to put you on the path that is leading you to the Kingdom, to be side-tracked is the plot and design of Satan.

He would distract you from what is of the utmost importance, that is your Salvation and that of others.

 If you do not have the trust and courage to act rightly in the presence of your God, perhaps it is that your god is too small.

I am God Almighty, My love for you is greater than anything imaginable and I want you to be with Me.

It is essential that you produce fruit for the Kingdom, to contribute in some way to the growth and salvation of the fallen away followers of My Church, it is not just a good idea.

Those who follow on the path of least resistance, are on the path of destruction, they soon become the enemy of God, for they cannot serve two masters.

I am eager to use anyone who comes to Me seeking to do God’s Will, we will work joyfully together.
The glow of God’s presence will emanate from your very countenance, for you embody love Himself.

When trusting your God in everything, you will not falter in times of trial  having been conditioned in Faith.

By your example, your courageous actions of compassion and care, not just words but encouragement, others are convicted and converted.

It is crucial that you examine the path you now tread, there is no time to delay, for what is not perfected here will be purged in the next life.

Speak to Me My dear ones, of your desire to trust Me more, and to uncover those areas that are hidden in your day to day life, that cause us to be separated, distanced from each other.
By putting to death the old habits that caused you so much grief, you will be poor in Spirit, you were seeking security in the acquiring of material wealth, but now I will show you a better way of life, a new path.

On this new path you will be less conscious of self and trusting more in the promptings of My Holy Spirit.

Dear ones, the big picture is not seen here on the earth, but in your trust and faith you will be able to accomplish much as you let go of the reins and allow Me to lead you to love even now.   


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