Wednesday, February 13, 2013


2013-02-13  {Ash Wednesday}

I wait for you to come to Me, I want to converse with you, I love you and entreat you to come closer.

I ask you for water, to come as you are with whatever you have to give Me, as I had asked the woman at the well to give Me water, I desired so much to give her My living water.
If she had just asked Me; will you during our conversation ask Me for what you already know is My
living water, a fresh infilling of My Holy Spirit?

So few are coming to Me, willing to give of their precious time, that would reap great rewards both in
Heaven yes, but here and now when it is most needed.

I answer your request to enter spiritually in communion when you cannot receive Me Sacramentally.

I am healing past hurts, needs you may not be aware of, and I prepare you for what is coming in your
future even today, grace in the next minute possibly needed.

I enable you to see the good and the gifts I've given to your neighbour, especially the one who is giving you so much grief today, the one who is treating you so badly.
All of this and so much more, that you will not be made aware of until you are permanently with Me,
give to Me this pleasure of instilling a greater joy in you, while you are still here upon the earth.

Begin today to realize the shortness of your time, how you may use it most wisely, and how to remove any barriers that may be standing in the way of our uniting more closely.
My Spirit will remind you of My Commandment, ”I am the Lord your God do not have strange gods
before Me.”

And it will be made clear to you if there may be something, someone or whatever is your priority in
your life.

Come now, be the one who returns to Me in thanksgiving, for I have given you so much, yet receive in return so little gratitude.
I await your coming as a little child to the Tabernacle, full of mystery, wonder and awe, for only this way will I reveal Myself to you, by faith you will see Me.
Do not seek extraordinary consolations, for they are Mine alone to give, to those who least expect them, especially in humble adoration of My presence.
They are seeking only to console Me for being abandoned by so many, I then shower My blessings and grace to each, whom I wish to flourish in their lives.
My faithful followers who give of themselves, I will not be out done by their generosity to Me, I embrace with My love, and they will be raised on high when I return. 


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