Wednesday, February 6, 2013



No amount of striving can make Me love you more, all your efforts to gain more of My love is quite in vain for I love you completely and desire only that you just be yourself, the person I created you to be.

Your Salvation is a gift, free of anything you could possibly do to attain it, this gift is so immense that you could never comprehend it in its greatness, and it is My free gift to all who would receive it.

l willingly submitted to the Father’s Will for your Salvation, and I always prayed fervently that I would know His Will and to always execute it perfectly.

You also must be willing to be open to cooperate with the Holy Spirit’s promptings in the way that is set before you and to do it with all diligence, for in this lies your allotted graces.

This is the task that will bring joy to your whole being, I choose specific instances and circumstances that bring about the greatest growth in faith and virtue.

When you decline this opportunity, for whatever reason, be it fear or laziness, or lack of confidence, I
am disappointed for you, for the graces will be given to another.

See yourself as worthy of nothing and worth nothing at all, yet be grateful that I use you in small things.

When you come to.Me in this way, I am free to allow the Holy Spirit to operate in your life, pride has not robbed you of your ability to serve Me in humility.

I want to possess you completely, yet your free will is always yours to relinquish or not, and just as a little child takes for granted his parents love and care, so do I desire you to just be in My love and care.

Some have come to Me in self-sufficiency and they're the ones who need Me the most, yet they have
confidence only in themselves and not in Me.

I created the World in love, made each in the image of God, but sin has caused the earth to become an

As the prodigal son returned to his father, having come to his senses, I desire that each day you return
to Me seeking to know what is causing any separation from your most loving father.

In My embrace you will come to see areas of your life that have grieved Me, sin and faults you may not be recognizing as such.

Time slips away and never again will this way be opened for you to recover what I've prepared for you, take the steps you know that is the way home, I await with loving arms the return of all My children.

Come with confidence to the One who knows you and cares for every detail of your life, just rest in the arms of love, just being and not desperately striving, this is being poor in spirit, the Kingdom is yours.


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