Wednesday, February 27, 2013



Those who thirst, those who are  seeking the Holy Spirit, the Living Waters, need to come to Me now.

Some are refusing to believe until they see Me, while others as when I walked the earth, refused to believe because they did see Me, but still refused to believe.

But you believe with an ever growing faith, a faith that comes from Communion, My very flesh and Divinity possessing you.

This flowing of the Living Waters of My Spirit is illuminating your conscience now, prior to that of the illumination of the whole world.

You are privileged to receive this now because of the fact, that I desire to prepare you for My use.

You are My small yet faithful remnant of My true Church, being made ready for the harvest of Souls.

Many of My fold are delaying any concern for their Soul’s Salvation, even a relationship with God.

Yet, I love them equally, as I love you and would have them sacrifice and pray, if you were the one whose Soul was about to perish.

You then are My concern and I am building up courage and strength in you, and creating trials and difficulties that will result in a greater growth of the virtues you need.

Be thankful for your formation by the events of your day, for you serve the Most High God.

As frail and weak as you are, you possess these powerful Living Waters, soon to be realized as essential.

Sometimes you will run into My arms just to rest from the weariness of your day, I await you there.

Do everything for My Glory, not in self-seeking, so search your motives, for the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

You are My treasure, and My gaze is constantly on you, transforming your thoughts and inner goals.

From My cross and lifeless Body, flowed forth Blood and Water, purifying all who stood near and all the earth henceforth.

Do you not perceive My presence in you, enthroned in your very self, My Spirit flowing as Living Waters, producing fruit at your hands?

Yes the Holy Spirit will produce fruits at your hands, with your cooperation, and in your spirit peace and joy, all for the Glory of God for all eternity.

Too much time has been wasted doing and arguing over agendas that are of little importance, soon there will be a turn of events that will cause many to lose their tranquil lives, that they’ve squandered.   


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