Thursday, February 21, 2013



You are never without Wisdom because your actions are guided by My Word.

So many times I have drawn you to Myself and given you peace in your heart, especially when your day has been only turmoil and grief.

You seek Me in the Scriptures and find Me immediately, I make Myself present to you, giving you solace and direction.

The Scriptures will be the weapon needed to fight off the enemy, who never sleeps, looking for a moment of weakness in you, become familiar with them.

Stay close to the Blessed Mother Mary, and to the Sacraments, in this way the evil one backs away, you are no longer easy prey.

You are strong when the Lion of Judah is close beside you, with the Word in hand and on your lips.

I want you to understand wherein lies your happiness, it is in answering your brothers need, as he comes to Me in prayer, I send you.

He asks, and seeks, and knocks, but it will be through your giving, your guiding and comforting him, that will bring about your ultimate joy, and the answer to his prayer as I bless you both.

It is in doing My Will, and fulfilling My desire, that you come closer and get to know your God ever more.

This is your eternal future that we are working on here and now, nobody cares more about the saving of souls than the Creator Himself.

Some will decline the invitation and will surely lose their eternal reward, but it will not be without a fight for their souls.

It is My desire that none should perish, yet some will ignore what would cost time and energy, that could result in their conversion of heart.

You evangelize by your steadfast and faithful obedience in My Church, which will undergo change that will render it unrecognizable as the Church I founded.

But you must unite and remain together, in order to stay strong in the conviction of Truth.

Even if some stray from the path, those whom I have strategically placed in your life, as friends, will once again encourage and strengthen you.

My little ones be My hands, help each other out of love for the cause of Justice, and remember the big picture always, your future depends on it.

May peace reign in your hearts and be ever growing in love for each other, nothing else matters but that you care for those to whom life has not been kind, they need you now.   


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