Wednesday, February 8, 2017


2017-02-08                                           INRI

You are all pilgrims finding your way home, a journey treacherous at times and among those who do not always share your values.

I am here with you though you do not see Me, you need not fear, for there is no place where I am not, especially am I in you, seeing and hearing all that concerns you.

As any mother knows the sound of her own child, so much more do I know you and you know the sound of My Voice, which you hear in your heart, but not exclusively. 

Sometimes you will hear Me through others, or it may be My written Word that inspires you to act, possibly a silent meditation or as you view nature, which is My Creation, these will bring praise from your lips.

You may have needs that only God can solve, and I will answer, I use your brothers and sisters in prayer or the intercession of a special Saint perhaps, but I delight always in obedient and persistent Faith that will not give up in asking.

Trials and sufferings bring you to Me, these are My best instruments for purification and in making you more resilient, for as life will sometimes bring disappointments regarding trusted individuals and hoped for situations that just did not pan out as you had planned, I am here to strengthen you.

But as each day advances, you come closer to your reward, the home I prepared for you, as with anticipation you look forward to a new life with Me and all who have gone on before you.

Think of Me today and spend a little time being thankful and in gratitude for the Salvation I’ve gained for you, then as your spirit is lifted, you will not so easily get caught up in self-indulgent ambitions.

I am wanting to redirect your path to the Divine Will from which you may have gotten lost, even if ever so slightly, for unfortunately it is so satisfying to do your own will, through the Eucharist you will be empowered to stay on the right track.

Your journey home, a journey of Faith, need not be one of sadness and gloom, for My Joy longs to be spread everywhere.

The fruits of My Spirit are given to you, especially love, the fruits of the Spirit are to be scattered like seed to all that you meet, then all will know that you are Mine.

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