Wednesday, February 1, 2017


2017-02-01                                                                                 INRI

On the third day, I arose from the dead, and came to My frightened and disillusioned Apostles, who for fear of the Jews had hidden and locked themselves behind closed doors.

My first Words to them were, Peace be with you, I wanted them to enter the resurrected life with Me and that they not live a life cowering in fear, I wanted them to know I had forgiven them.

I gave them the gift of My Peace, in the power of the Holy Spirit, they would receive on Pentecost, a Peace that would surpass all understanding.

And you My poor frightened creature, you may be timid and shy, lacking in self-confidence and wanting to be left alone, unnoticed.

To be left alone according to what is comfortable to you, the great effort that you would need to make to overcome excessive fears, is not something that you would want to do.

Can you not see that this is not living in My Spirit, you are not living the resurrected life that I have given you, the life that I suffered and died to give you, so that you might live a life triumphant.

When you were young and before your conversion, you did not yet understand what I wanted to teach you, to overcome shyness, timidity and nervousness, it would be a work we would accomplish together.

Living in the Spirit is doing what God asks of you, My Spirit being very gentle, will coax and entice you into situations, that will cause your growth without conflict to your spirit, for He comforts you.

I ask you to give Me your will, this is giving Me the OK to proceed in the resurrected life I already have prepared for you, you are My child and I want nothing less than My best for you.

You will not always desire to speak or act as directed by the Spirit, wanting to regress back to what you know, that is what is your familiar comfort zone.

The life I have planned for you will be sweet and peaceful, for you will have received forgiveness from Me and thus will be able to forgive yourself, a profound inner peace pervades.

Be patient with yourself, for slowly you begin to see with the eyes of faith, that I am not far off as you had previously believed, I am in you to live the joy and ability to surrender all as required.

I know full well that you are desiring to please Me, take your focus off yourself and enjoy the wealth of love that is being lavished upon you, it is My pleasure to dote on you even now and forever.

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