Wednesday, February 15, 2017


2017-02-15                                        INRI

Your hearts were made for Me, I created you with a love that was as big as the universe, who could have imagined that you could be loved from before creation, by it’s Creator, destined to enjoy the Paradise I had prepared for My faithful ones.

Every heart is longing for love, that is to love and to be loved, yet only the one who discovers that the answer to all of loves longing is to love God and to be loved by Him.

Deep in your heart is a hunger, and many try to fill it with anything else that they can feel and touch, and in frustration and in their dissatisfaction, they surrender to the love that has pursued them, the love of God.

You are My child, you were created for greatness, I will not rest until this is achieved in you, and in your sleepless nights you will hear Me call, respond in the silence of the night.

I see a restlessness within you that seeks meaning and purpose for your life, indeed I do have a mission for each one, and you must fulfill it, then you will find your satisfaction but not apart from Me.

I entreat you to begin with what you do know and trust, this is all for now that I am asking of you, I will thus be able to draw you further into the unknown, your new identity, a life exciting and joyful awaits you.

You have not yet ventured to imagine all that I want to do in your life, in My Wisdom I formed each of you uniquely in your talents and desires, thank Me when things do not go your way, I can therefore redirect you in the way you should go.

In your weakness you are aware of your unfaithfulness and disobedience, you are not able to be relied upon to cling to Me, so be assured that without fail, I am hanging on to you and will never let you go.

I wanted to identify with humanity, that you would not be afraid to have a relationship with your God, and that you would be able to see authentic love in action, therefore in obedience I came to earth.

The darkness of sin has blinded the world, and so to those who have not seen and yet have believed, I give much grace, avail yourselves of all that I supply for your spiritual growth while there is still time.

Soon what you have depended upon will be no more, what you deemed familiar and safe may no longer be at your disposal, I am your only solid ground, your rock upon which you are to find your security.

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