Saturday, September 9, 2017


2017-09-08                                                                  INRI                                                                                                                                                            

I will shelter you from every storm, even through affliction and through sorrow, you will not see defeat.

I call the lost and the lonely to come to My House of Prayer, bring every burden and care, here I will heal all your diseases and infirmities.

May My Glory fill the Sanctuary, may the incense of praise rise in a cloud to the Throne of the Most High God.

May the Holy Spirit come with His grace and blessings over all here present and in each of your homes may peace reign where I am honoured.

This message is for all who desire to draw near and become one family, the family of God.

I came down to your earth, to raise you up to where I am, arise to new life, not as you were yesterdaybut enticed to live a higher calling, because in My coming into your heart, My Kingdom has come.

I want to reveal to you Who I am, that is as you look at each flower, sunrise, and each song that lifts your emotions to praise Me, I am there loving you.

All I have created was made out of love and has My Imprint of the beauty of God Himself, especially in each person, the needy, handicap and suffering.

A truly humble person will be at peace, for he neither fears failure nor the success of others, ask for the help you need, you are still a work in progress.

I will show favour to one and to another difficulties, do I not love them equally, have I ever shown injustice to anyone, for I alone have the Wisdom of the Ages.

I know full well that you seek to do My Will, and as if it were a hidden secret that must be discovered, I do not play games with you, look at what is at hand, look no further for a great work is there.

You are not sure of making the right decision, do not worry, only choose the one that seems best to you, if need be I will correct your path, I will not allow you to go too far in the wrong direction.

I am looking at what you do with your failures in life, are you defeated by them or do you rise up with new clarity and wisdom, this is where you find true success in your new life with Me.

Child, you have only today to make a difference in your life and not only your life but to better the life of another, do not put off doing what has been on your heart and in your mind.

I am your loving Father Who is reaching down to lift you in this moment to embrace you, when you feel that you are loved, you are able to give love to others, genuinely, you see I am using your arms to embrace them.

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