Thursday, September 14, 2017


2017-09-14              INRI

Desire to step into a life of sanctity and out of the ordinary, into Divine Life with and through Me.

I am challenging you to come to Me with all your heart, step out of the boat of safe and everyday humdrum life that leads to lethargy and boredom, let’s walk on water, you and I together.

Each person is desiring happiness in his life, but the promises of the world and all it affords, soon end in disappointments, they fall short of your expectations upon acquiring them, each one a let down.

Yet, over and over again you fall prey to the deceptions, you want to believe that they will do as was promised, I alone am the Truth, all of My Promises are true without exception, they will never disappoint you.

To all who will make a sincere effort to come to Me, I give unending peace and everlasting life, that even now will flow as a fountain of Living Water within them, My Bountiful Life will be evident.

At each Consecration of the bread and wine, that is transformed into My Holy Body and Blood, ask also that you may be transformed into Me, especially at this moment, together we will offer to the Father yourself along with Me and all who are dear to you.

This will be your highest calling, for you are being prepared to be a Citizen of Heaven, soon to be perfected, a new Saint among My Elect.

Do not dismiss what I am saying to you, it is after all My Work here on earth, to prepare all who will join in the ranks of the Most High and be willing to be made holy in the service of God.

I am the One Who is giving you the desire to be holy, lift your hands in praise and trust in My infinite love for you.

Would any parent refuse to lift up his child whose hands are raised up to him, how much more will I lift anyone who in praising Me, who lifts up his hands in praise that I may give him new life in Me.

There is a realm that is known to My Saints, even while they still lived on the earth, where I inhabited their every breath and action, every thought and word, I want to have you also close to Me in this way.

This is where I will prepare My Bride, here every blemish and flaw removed, still in the world you will remain, until your time has come to receive your eternal reward, your loving Bridegroom awaits you.

And because you are Mine, destined for Heaven, taking the places vacated by the fallen angels, the prince of darkness, the devil lies waiting for every opportunity to ensnare you in your weaknesses, but I assure you I have overcome all that could endanger you, you will have victory, I promise you.

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