Friday, September 1, 2017


2017-09-01                             INRI

Remain in Me, affirming your love by offering yourself as I offer Myself totally to you, especially in the Holy Eucharist.

I understand your difficulties in loving those closest to you, yet this is how I determine how much you really do love Me, I am seeking love that is authentic and not superficial, not just by your words but in your actions.

Give Me therefore, permission to do all that I please, trust that you will be guided by infinite love that is for My Glory and also for your good.

Though you often request in prayer something legitimate and good, it may or may not be beneficial for you to have it at this time or maybe never, I make the wisest decision regarding your best interests.

I discern rightly every moment and what concerns you, things that may affect your well being and what would be the best for others who might care for you.

Tell Me often that you desire to receive the peace that I offer which comes from doing My Will and not your own.

There is a happiness and tranquility that I want you to enjoy, which comes from disregarding whether I give you good health or allow sickness, sweetness or bitterness in life, being all counted alike for love of Me. 

You must never see yourself as being alone ever, look with eyes of faith and see Me, I am here, right now, always, you could not exist if for one second of your time on earth, if I forgot you or that you were out of My Sight.

Allow yourself to feel My Love surrounding you, enveloping your whole being, My Heart was pierced, opened wide to allow your entrance, in hopes that you might never leave Me.

My Merciful Love awaits your every thought or sigh directed to the One, Who, it may seem has no other agenda but to be concerned about you.

Though you cannot yet see Me Face to face, you believe in Me, no one can take away your joy, I set you free, your faith sustains your love in Me, that soon you will see My Holy Face for all eternity.

In unfailing trust, you are following the precepts set before you, they let you see that I am providing for your every need, not because you’ve been so faithful or good but because of My unchanging Faithfulness and Goodness.

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