Thursday, May 24, 2018


2018-05-24                                                                        INRI

In your discouragement, if all you can see is your misery, sinfulness and wretchedness, then you do not have confidence in God’s Mercy, which is being poured out for all the world.

When God’s great Mercy is not a certainty, is not something you depend on, then your eyes are on self and not on Me as need be.

Surrender to Me those things that you are not trusting God with, that you think are too big or too small, whatever it is that claims your peace of mind, which is a necessity for a calm and collected disposition that makes our relationship a reality.  

Do you have a sense of My great Love for you, how is it that you could look at the Cross and not be aware that it was all for love of you.

At this very moment when you are feeling low, I hold you close to My Heart, and wait for you to accept My infilling Peace, take and receive My Holy Spirit, He will bring you His gift of Peace.

Allow Me to fill your heart and soul with joy, I wait and will not proceed unless, with your permission you allow Me to change you, I want you to want Me of your own freewill.

I want to change your fearful, anxious and worried heart, into a vessel that carries My Love for you and all those whom you will meet, bring them My Love.

When you are centered on self and dwell on all of your problems, even when you are not directly conscious of it, I cannot work in you, your heart remains closed to others, yes, but also closed to Me.

My gift of abundant life, greater than you are asking from Me, will strengthen you against the devil’s lies, he wants you to remain as you are, centered on self and deeply engrossed in your problems, perpetually overwhelmed and confused as to what to do. 

He wants to keep you away from My presence, where freedom in spirit leads to answers, I bless you with many gifts, I have supplied you with gifts you need which are yet unused, they are at your disposal, ask Me to reveal them.

Do not complicate My Love, I come in simplicity and I do not operate in difficult scenarios, I am the One Who has come looking for you, are you looking for Me, seek I want to be found by you.

Will you pray for those who have not come as far as you have in faith, they are in need of your prayers, and you need to pray for them, it is My mandate for you today

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