Thursday, May 31, 2018


2018-05-31                                                                       INRI

My prayer for each one is that you be converted, everyday should be a new beginning, a receiving of a new outpouring of grace, a freshness in the joy that comes from being with your Savior.

Open your hearts, that My Goodness may enter into you, I am there within you as well as outside of you, let Me have My Way in every avenue of your life, allowing all that I desire to be accomplished through you.

You have heard of the Hebrew word Shalom, it means “complete” entirely filled with the presence of God, with no emptiness within you.

This is what I desire for each person, this is exactly what I gave My Apostles when I first came to them at the time of My Resurrection from the dead.

I can do all things, believe in Me and ask for the things you need, do not linger with unbelief, what was prophesied will come about, I am returning and even now, ready yourselves.

This world seems real to you, but in reality it is but an illusion, all looks as if it will continue forever, but what you cannot see is what is truly real, it is what is truth and you must awaken from your stupor before it is too late.

Repent therefore and be converted that your sins may be blotted out, in order that when the time of refreshment shall come from the presence of the Lord, you shall see the restoration of all things.

You are all adopted sons and daughters, children of God, children of the New Covenant, and in order that all would be blessed I was raised from the dead.

Through the Holy Eucharist, you receive Me, I am your strength and all that you require, in order that all may turn from wickedness and be transformed into love, fit for the Kingdom, for all have fallen from grace.

With each Eucharist you receive, My presence is more powerful in all the world, all inhabitants benefit with grace against the pull of evil, saving many who waiver in their vulnerability, in their lukewarmness and apathy towards Me.

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