Thursday, May 10, 2018


2018-05-10                                                                                 INRI

Today, do you feel trapped in a situation that seems impossible to resolve, then are you not like the little lamb caught in the thicket, do you wonder if I have allowed this in your life?

As in the day of Abraham and Issac his son, I provided a little lamb, as a suitable offering for sacrifice, am I not the One Who chooses and directs all things?

I the Son of God, have offered Myself in your place and for all the world, that you might live, live a life fully alive in Me.

Do you think Abraham was afraid to trust in God, who had asked him to sacrifice his long awaited only  son, and yet with great faith he proceeded, and was rewarded with an even greater faith in the end.

What difficult thing is being asked of you, does trust in God no matter what enter into the picture here, are you stepping into a darkness of the unknown, not having any other recourse.

And you ask what if I trust in God and my worst fears are realized, the things I thought that might happen surely did, in your view all ended in a disaster, you wonder could this be your Will God?

I have never left you alone, I saw and knew in advance all that would happen to you, I make good out of even your sinful mistakes and turn them into a greater good even from the evil committed.

Each day presents its own dilemmas, I am here for you, but you need to establish a relationship with Me now, before all hell breaks loose, you will need to be directed, I am your Shepherd.

You have sins that need to be addressed, attachments and misguided ideas and loves contrary to Love, will you not presently consider deeply examining your life with the help of the Holy Spirit, Who will light up areas that hold a hidden danger.

When you have made peace with Me in the Holy Sacrament of Reconciliation, then we can make progress in the matters at hand, My little lamb, we have much to be accomplished.

I am indeed, Mary’s Little Lamb, and you are all My Sheep, you know My Voice and follow Me, you are capable of doing more with My help and with your fiat, this will benefit you for all eternity.

Consider your blessings each day, they did not just happen by chance as some would think, but alwaysgive thanks and praise, for these are prepared especially for you out of love.

My gifts of love bring the most merit and benefit for all who desire to serve their God and to love others, I may at times allow you to be confined, in order for you to receive My greatest gift, Myself.

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