Sunday, October 24, 2010



Today My children is given to you all, the opportunity to humble yourselves at the feet of mankind for My glory.

Did you not hear in Scripture how I the Son of God washed the feet of the disciples as their example and model of love?

You, like Holy Tabernacles, are the ones chosen to bear Me within yourselves to all the world as I have scattered you.

As such you carry the light amidst so much darkness and destruction.

If you miss this mission which I uniquely form for you, the enemy will press ever forward devouring the weak and wavering Christians and those who have not yet decided one way or another.

The Father’s love envelopes the whole of creation in a sweetness and gentleness that must be revealed to all the nations.

See the gentle Son, for your salvation was brought to lowly and humble subjection to the
Father’s Divine Will.

In newness of life, a life of love and peace was God’s intention for you but the enemy was intent on destroying the sons of men.

I live and breathe this love into your very existence that soon My glory may be revealed.

Remember, that the Blessed Virgin, My Mother, was the first Ark of the Covenant and you must consecrate yourselves to Her, repeating daily your Consecration and Baptismal promises.

Can there be any greater mission for anyone on this earth, yet you like the Son of Man who was submissive to the Father and did not consider Himself equal but was humble.

Even though you carry the treasure of Heaven you must also be humble.

Nothing of pride will unite with Me.

Search your hearts asking the Holy Spirit to reveal areas of sin hidden from others and even from your own eyes.

I look at the heart and desire your perfection in attitudes that affect yourself and others regarding, on My account, the spreading of this peace and light for all.

Come to Me as you are, for My love will be your strength and power, I will increase the joy and happiness you seek.

As you venture into areas that are unfamiliar but are aimed to increase love in your heart for love of Me, I will bless your every effort and you will feel an accomplishment that will encourage even your fellow workers in the Kingdom of the coming New Jerusalem.


Thursday, October 21, 2010



Can My followers expect to avoid the weight of the cross, the pain of rejection from those who once were trusted, the feeling of abandonment and all that life entails?

Is My Church being prepared for what is to come in as much as can be expected in persecution of its faithful members?

My children what needs to be done is being arranged by the Father and the Holy Spirit in light of all the present darkness infiltrating the world which seems to be taken up by so much consumerism.

Go about your lives trusting in the love and in the victory which you must claim in your words spoken from your hearts.

This is My headquarters from which I operate love into the world.

Through My faithful and docile children will come the Kingdom which was destined for eternity, My reign.

At each Mass, receive anew the peace that surpasses all understanding.

Receive it as a tangible thing that calms all that causes unsettled feelings welling up in the absence of faith that has been yet untested.

How many of your community are in need of healing of every kind with no one to minister to them, even to pray for them?

Could I not heal them now or do you think I have a purpose for their suffering?

Will you not risk asking Me in the hope of receiving what I purpose for them.

I tell you truly there is a mystery in My Word that is so precious and lovely that it makes weeping flow from eyes that were once a dry desert.

Those that never knew compassion for their fellow human beings are being awakened, and I am using you in ways you would have wanted but dared not asked to be used.

But you must quiet your heart to hear Me, not once but again and again constantly.

I find many who fear to do this, it frightens them in the unknown realm of trusting.

This quiet sound, where I let you hear your own heart beat gets you in touch with the secrets of the universe.

I will reveal the depths of My love for you and this will allow love to form new heights in you yet unrealized but which have been there since before your creation.

Oh, that you could know your full potential and be fully alive even in the midst of any circumstance in which you presently find yourself.

Does this sound to you to be unattainable?

I assure you it is My plan for you, reach out and grasp the hand of the living God and believe what is yours to claim as My chosen and gifted child.


Friday, October 15, 2010



My word for you today is to encourage and strengthen you during these difficult but necessary times.

All that you have thus endured has been beneficial in your preparatory season in anticipation of the work which you will be called to do.

Keeping always your eyes on Me will keep you from becoming fearful and anxious.

Notice the beauty today of the world around where you have been placed by Me.

Notice the sounds of the birds as they are busy preparing for a cold unwelcoming winter which may be very harsh at times.

You also must be ready and it is My work to allow circumstances to mold My children.

How is it that you still speak to Me as if I were far away, when in truth, I am closely united to you in your heart, knowing every beat and breath, every care?

Only when I am ignored or pushed out through sin, do I not envelope you with the warmth of My song of love, of peace and tranquility.

Be always mindful of others’ needs and feeling as I inspire good deeds, to be accomplished through you the passion of joy.

You will desire to hold on to this emotion as long as you can, it lifts your thoughts to thankful praise and gratitude for your very creation and salvation.

Come to Me in simplicity, the more complicated your life, the greater are the chances of your being too busy for the treasure of Heaven Himself.

Be conscious of the world dictating to you “what you need” and “what will make you happy’?

For you are bombarded daily with such propaganda that are untrue and meant only for your unhappiness in the long run.

Most have discovered this for themselves already and feel confused and disappointed with life itself.

Remember where you are, this is not your home.

What you see and what is going on in the invisible realm are of My concern.

You are My concern and your welfare, your happiness which in the Wisdom of God must be trusted blindly at times.

Have confidence in the love which will never end, no matter what you have done or will ever do.

I have provided many graces and avenues with which to accomplish the Divine Will in your life.

Pray that you be given more love, more faith and more courage to persevere to the end when My Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph.


Friday, October 8, 2010



My little one, remain small that you may touch the hem of My garment and be healed.

You are not aware of your great need of this healing, which I most desire you to obtain in order that I may use you.

My Church is now receiving the beginnings of intense persecution that has long been foretold and even greater pressure will be applied to each of My People to choose to remain through the dark hour with Me or to apostasize.

I am at this moment showing you your imprisonment.

Your thoughts often look to your past mistakes and swing just as quickly to the future with fear.

Look and see that the door of your confinement is open.

The Blessed Mother stands there to receive your hand which she immediately puts in Mine.

See the light you enter into, as opposed to the darkness of your bondage of past failures and future fears, and proceed now to where I call you to live in the present where I am.

Here you shall see Me staring at you with a gaze of love that empowers you to move from this dungeon into hope.

Because of the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, She will crush the head of Satan with Her Heel.

You are the ones now being made ready for this very important historical event before My return in Glory.

You are in the warfare and must be prepared to hear the commands and strategies over Satan and his demons who wish to destroy all who would otherwise be saved.

Again I say to you remain small, the proud cannot reach low enough to touch the hem of My garment.

But I, because of My using you, reach them who will receive the realization of the truth in seeing themselves as they truly are.

As Lazarus came out of the tomb bound and as I spoke to his friends to unbind him, so I prepare you to be used for My glory in these perilous times of uncertainty and despair among those whose faith is wanting.

Remain always close to Me for soon many will be brought to you seeking help even if just a word of encouragement; I will Work through you if you Will allow Me.