Sunday, May 2, 2010

Emma de Guzman in Windsor

Trek to Windsor

On Saturday, May 1, 2010, Emma de Guzman, a Catholic mystic, who has been visited with eucharistic miracles and stigmata bleeding, as well as others.  She is also a visionary and receives messages that she delivers.

My personal experience of her was limited yesterday.  Wayne Zimmer and I made the drive to Windsor, with no expectations of what was to transpire.  When we arrived shortly after 3 pm, we saw Father Sam, and several others we had seen at the prayer meeting on Thursday.

In a short while, Emma, who herself is Filipino, was introduced to the largely Filipino crowd, and she led us all in a sung version of the Divine Mercy chaplet.  It was a wonderful experience and her love of God was evident in the reverence.

After this was completed, a Filipino priest from Detroit, led the mass with Father Sam as con-celebrant.  The mass was the Sunday liturgy, and the priest, whose name I forgot, preached a meaningful homily on Love One Another, not love another one.

After the mass, Emma started to pray over everyone who came up for prayer.  From our vantage point, it appeared that all were being touched, and many were receiving serious healing from Our Saviour, with Emma as the instrument of Him.

Wayne and I had to leave because of other commitments, so we will wait to hear from those present from the Ridgetown prayer group about the results of this event.

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