Monday, May 3, 2010

Prophecy May 6, 2001, St.Michael's Ridgetown

Prophecy About A New Spring Time

I have seen a vision of this spring time, as it related to the people of St. Michael's in Ridgetown.  In the vision, I saw the people of St. Michael's prayers as the crocus coming up first in the Spring as a reminder of more to come, and as the first signs of it.

But, at the recent prayer meeting, which was attended by about 16 people, I saw in a vision the room filled to overflowing, and spreading out into the street.

My dearest children, don't be afraid.
Give me the difficulties you face.
Cast all your burdens here upon me,
And I will show my healing grace.

I have come to set a new fire among you.
Perhaps my plan is still not clear,
But I am transforming the hearts of many
In this great millennium year.

Fight the darkness that is all around you.
Trust in your God, your guiding Light.
Through my Spirit and your sacrifices
My Church will again be unified.

Pray, be silent that you may hear My Voice.
I will be giving you today
An abundant measure of My Love, My Power.
I have chosen you to prepare My Way.

On the cross My Son redeemed you.
But so many have been failing.
You are exposed to this world's evil.
My human race is sick and ailing.

Over and over I have spoken to you
About my vision and what I have planned.
Grow deeper and deeper in My Love,
And walk with me daily hand in hand.

I am your joy, your hope, your life.
If you have Me you have everything.
I am calling you to a new awakening.
Lift up My Son, your Lord and King.

My dearest children, turn to silence,
And obey the work I have given you today.
My Church is on the verge of a new springtime,
The dawning of a brand new day.

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