Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Prophecy - February 27, 2001

Through Ann Donkers  for Father Sam

Though this particular prophecy was for Father Sam, it is for us all as well.  It is a call to the Eucharist, as God calls Father Sam to celebrate with even greater joy, offering his entire flock to God, and as well God says that Through the Eucharist He will make all things new.

My dearest child do not be troubled.  Give me your heartaches and your pains.
Oh, how I wish to ease your task, that you would not have to make a change.

You radiate my joy, my love and compassion in spite of your burdens and difficult role.
Call your people to silence and prayer, and I, your God, will make them whole.

Deep is my concern for my church, your people, and human dignity.
They need to form a common bond of friendship, love and unity.

Many are to rediscover my Holy Spirit and a personal commitment is to be made.
They need to be more sensitive to hear my voice, and to step out in faith.

The spiritual life is to be nursed.  They must make their roots in me, in brotherly love.
They are to desire my gifts, use them effectively, for my church is shaking and the path is rough.

My dearest child celebrate the Eucharist with even greater joy, and offer your entire flock to me.
Give me their weaknesses, difficulties, despair, pain and anxiety.

Feed them with my mighty power as I poured out my life, my blood for you.
So will their hearts be changed and transformed.  Through the Eucharist I will make all things new.

You are living in a time of great confusion and Satan is not to succeed.
I am weeping; dry my tears.  More and more urgent is the need.

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