Thursday, May 13, 2010



You have heard Me say “become as little children”.

Can you visualize My holding your hand in these troubled times?

I want you to walk with Me not thinking of the disasters and evil that might be ahead but only that “I am” is with you.

No fear shall come into My children’s minds, rebuke every thought not of the Divine Will.

Confide in Me your inability to feel this peace I desire for you and rest in the confidence and trust that will prevail in prayer as you persevere.

I the Lord am Spirit and Where the Spirit is there is freedom.

Some of you are not yet free, not completely.

There are areas of your lives and possessions which are not held out to Me open handed.

How can I take only part of your heart? I will not settle for portions of your love though you profess “all”.

Again as a little child I am asking you to share with others what is keeping us apart even so slightly.

These possessions, which ultimately I have given you belong to the family, the family of God.

My love for you is relentless and Wisdom searches hearts to purify them but I wait for permission to infuse this knowledge to each.

It would seem that the poor as well, hold on to what they think they need to survive but the Truth is that My provision, not fear of not having enough, is freedom and joy when self is forgotten and others needs are met.

Let Me love through you as you consent before the throne of Glory to be transformed in mind, will and spirit into being one with Me as I had asked the Father.

Child, we are entering upon an adventure far beyond anything you could imagine and for this to be realized as the Father has planned, I will need your complete cooperation and trust.

Many souls are in need of help as I will direct My faithful to assist in the rescue as time grows ever near.

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