Thursday, May 20, 2010



When love is poured forth in a gesture of kindness it produces love in that person.

One cannot remain in a state of gloom or unhappiness when someone has shown them love.

I live in that atmosphere of warmth generated by a willingness of self-forgetfulness and care for another.

Child when you are suffering and offer compassion and love to another, all of heaven rejoices with you in that moment.

You are, after all most resembling Me in grateful thanksgiving to the Father during this time of trial.

I will not spare anyone the graces and blessings obtained from suffering of every kind and nature even at the expense of loved ones, who in caring for them or suffering with them be converted to faith.

Will you stand with Me in the face of persecution? No one wants to think of this today but I want you to decide for Me and pray for strength in the coming of greater and greater temptations to leave what you now hold sacred.

In My great Wisdom I have hidden Myself from all who would not seek Me in sincerity and need.

But you have sought and found Me and fellowship with the Saints and Angels and enjoy what was promised from of old that you would prophesy and have dreams that l would be your God and you would be My people.

All is prepared for you come live with Me, now open your ears to hear Me.

I will speak to you through Scripture, in your quiet times with Me, and through others even without their being conscious of My using them.

It is because of the immensity of the love with which I chose to bestow upon My chosen ones that desires for you to live now in Me.

Even in the midst of suffering or lofty joy all is received and accepted as willed by My Father and yours.

You are Mine and with Me today unite everything that you count as “you” and everything that is against us, because I am with you, bring to the foot of the cross to be covered by My shed Blood.

Child, feel My embrace, continual closeness that protects your holiness now in preparation for living in your new home with all your loved ones.

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