Friday, May 21, 2010

Prophecy May 7, 2000 St. Michael's Ridgetown

Message from the Year of Jubilee

God's messages to us carry urgency, but God's urgency is tempered by our disobedience, and so He is patient to allow us time to assimilate what he says and put it into practice.

As He says here, 10 years ago, we are to take Him seriously.  The signs are there for us to see, of a world groaning in anticipation of new birth.

My children, message after message I have given to you.
My signs are showing everywhere.
It is time that you take me more seriously.
Be reconciled, and turn to fasting and prayer.

So many have closed their hearts, their ears,
And there are thousands of souls to win.
Yet even in your very own churches
Evil forces are creeping in.

I look upon your towns, your cities.
I am filled with sorrow and I weep.
Why do they kill those whom I have created?
I love my little lambs, but I mourn my sheep.

Again and again I call to repentance,
But the world is lost in darkness and sin.
My dearest children, I have chosen you;
Show your love for Jesus, and lead others to Him.

I desire to lead you to fullness
Even here now in this very place.
I am present to comfort and console you;
I know the difficulties that you face.

Put your hands in mine and let me lead you.
My first command is that you love one another.
I will give you strength through my Holy Spirit.
Go and heal the wounds of your searching brother.

I will restore my bride, the Church.
Your gifts, not earned, I will release.
I will give you power to touch, to heal.
I will bring justice; I will bring peace.

Feel the urgency of this message;
This is the year of jubilee.
I will give you joy, glory, and the victory.
Give yourselves unconditionally.

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