Wednesday, January 13, 2010

98 SAM

A Prophetic License Plate

Father Sam got a license plate for his car that read "98 SAM" a number of years ago, because that was the year he planned on retiring.  Through a number of circumstances, mainly obedience to God, he ended up staying on in St. Michael's Parish Ridgetown until 2005, which would make 98 SAM erroneous, or so I thought.

Each year, Father Sam would put his retirement to prayer, and each year between 1998 and 2004, he carried on.  It was not just a coin flip that caused him to stay on.  He did work at the discernment process.

As his actual and final retirement was coming up, he was concerned about where he would live.  He described for me and My Dear Wife his available options at the time, and his desire to not have to do THAT.  But, God had other plans for him.

A woman who he ministered to in his parish, passed away, and he had the opportunity to give her the Sacrament of the Sick before she died, and conducted her funeral.  He asked her son if, by any chance, her house was available for him to purchase.  He was thinking that it might be able to be had for about $115,000 and that possibly God had that house in store for him.

A few days later the son called to tell him that he had determined its worth as $103,000 and asked Father if he would be prepared to pay $98,000 for it.  I do not know if Father Sam literally leapt for joy, but he was quite pleased about it.  The son then invited him over to the house, and made an additional proposition to him.  He offered him the contents of the house, and the two garages for an additional $1,500.  As you can well imagine, priests don't typically accumulate the assets required to have their own home, since they are moved about with a suitcase and a couple of cardboard boxes every few years during their parish ministry days.  This came as a blessing as well to Father, and he loves his new home.

The address "98" Victoria Street.  Coincidence.  I think not.

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