Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Prophecy from October 11, 2004

From Father Sam's Files

Father Sam handed this particular prophecy when we were at his house a while back, and it is very pertinent to this day and age. 
Dear Children, I am calling you to a new beginning.
Hear My message; receive My Word.
My  Spirit, My Power, is here upon you.
I will set a new fire upon the earth.

I will transform, mould, change and fill you,
But some of you are still so tense.
Open your heart to the love of Jesus.
And show a little more confidence.

Build up your faith to prayer and thanksgiving;
I am speaking to you friend to friend.
Walk with Me, step out in boldness;
I will be with you till the end.

Pray for wisdom, guidance and understanding.
Give me the struggles that you face.
Difficult is the mission that I will lay upon you.
Be open to my healing grace.

You are living in a demonic age.
My word is twisted and being misunderstood.
Trust in Me, My beloved ones,
And lead my people into one brotherhood.

Call upon My Name, and free your brothers
From bondage, pain and misery.
I will show you again and again
That I am Your God, Your Life, Your Hope, Your Victory.

I see a void, a need that's not yet been met,
A people crying to be free.
Your mission now is still incomplete.
You must go all the way for Me.

See how behind these clouds and darkness
A new radance is breaking through,
My Son is soon to appear in light and glory,
But He is waiting just for you.
As I see the wacky things going on at this time, I have no doubt that we are in an age where the devil is working very hard to turn us away from God.  But that makes it all the more important that we Trust God in all things.

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