Monday, January 4, 2010

A Prophecy For Father Sam

Meaningful for All Priests, and All the Faithful

Father Sam was raised in Ridgetown, where he pastored as well for many years, and where he currently resides in his retirement (Hah!!).  From time to time he would go to see Ann Donkers when he was bothered by choices he had to make or was seeking direct guidance from the Lord about his ministry.

My recollection, from my last meeting with him, was that one of the times he went to see Ann was when his mother's house had burned in 1985, and he was unsure of what to do.  As well, he was challenged by the apparent lack of fruit (to him) in his own ministry.

So, like a dutiful son, he went to speak to his Father, or at least to hear from Him.  He did not tell Ann Donkers what was on his mind, to ensure that any words of Prophecy that she received were not tainted by his prompting.  As well, she lived about 60 miles away from Ridgetown, and would not have had any particular knowledge about his mother.

In my view the prophecy breaks down into two parts.  Part 1 is about priestly ministry, and is in my opinion true for Father Sam, and for all the priests that I know.

Part 1
My precious, my beloved one,
How deep is my compassion, my love for you;
You have worked and toiled without ceasing
To make your Master's plan come true.

I see the pressure that's upon you,
Your tremendous effort and dedication.
I will give you light and strength in my Holy Spirit;
Finish the plan of my salvation.

You have been through many weary years,
Because so many wouldn't realize
That you want to share Jesus
Who longs to be more intimate in their lives.

But I, your God, will ease your burden
And shed new light on the path before you.
I will make it possible for you to grow even more
Strong and radiant like the morning dew.

You are much needed; I rely on you.
My son, it is impossible to express
The tremendous need in the broken homes;
See how my little one are suffering from stress.

Your church shows signs of growth, new life.
Serve me with heart and mind and soul.
Yes, it is real; it is happening now,
But know that you play an important role.

Look forward and see the radiant beauty
Shining forth upon the nations,
As I set My Glory here upon the earth,
And bring to birth a new creation.

I see your heavy, burdened heart,
The many difficulties that you face.
But I am with you; rest in me.
You will see changes taking place.

Part 2 is specific to Father Sam and his mother and her needs.
I have brought you here today;
You have to fill a tremendous void.
Your mother lost the many treasures,
A home she valued and enjoyed.

I see the pain she is going through,
But I will comfort her motherly heart.
Trust in me, my beloved one,
For I, your God will never part.

All these happenings have a reason;
For you this is a time of light,
For I will provide another home.
Make your decision;  It is time to decide.

Have I not given you a sign?
Open your eyes; please understand.
Look at me, My beloved son;
All this is already planned.

I have foretold you this to-day
To inform you, and I do suggest,
Do not refuse; do not deny it;
I give my own the very best.

Why do you look for confirmation?
Trust in me; I will help you through.
Humbly accept this very word
I spoke in order to be listened to.

At times when I have had a prophecy come through me at a Prayer Meeting or for some other reason, I have never had a clue what was coming, nor remembered it after.  I just know that if I did not speak, I would explode.  It pushed up out of me, and all I knew was that it was coming.  I even tried to hold one back for a bit one time, and it was very, well . . . impossible.

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