Saturday, January 2, 2010

An Old Prophecy for a New Year

Heed These Words

I spoke to Father Sam the other day, while planning our next time together, and he told me something that I found interesting and insightful into the heart of the man, and his love for God.

Father Sam told me that whenever he gets a prophecy from someone, or some source, that he meditates over it, taking notes, making scribbles, underlining, highlighting. Usually he spends a couple of hours on each one.  Here is a Catholic Priest, now 82 years of age, so in love with God that he savours every word, every line and every stanza of communications that come his way from God.  It helped me to understand how important he believes these prophecies to be, and why he wanted them available to others.

This particular prophecy has the tick marks at the end of lines, and lines underlined that let me know that Father Sam prayed over and about this prophecy and absorbed its every word.  Here is the first reproduced prophecy for 2010

Be still and listen closely.
Time is short, and I have so much to share.
I am calling you to be reconciled with one another,
And to return to me in praise and prayer.

I don't call you servants any longer.
You are mine; I call you friends.
The Spirit of fire is here upon you.
I will go with you until the end.

Open your hearts. Make your commitment.
Wake, and do your Father's will.
I will remove the darkness that is still upon you
To make my plan much brighter still.

I will renew and unite my flock, your people.
I will be your God of Peace.
I will lead you through the deepest darkness.
You will see your gifts and power increase.

Dearest children, give me today your heart,
Your love and understanding.
I, Your God will do the work.
My Holy Spirit does the planning.

The world is soon to be reborn.
Pray that your own will come to see.
Go, evangelize, now is the time
To lead My lost Sheep back to Me.

I am calling you to prayer and penance.
A deep humility I desire.
You have passed through many valleys
But I will set the world on fire.

Earthquakes, famine, floods, and war are upon you.
I see darkness, hatred, and pain.
But all of this will come to pass
When My People turn to Me once again.
Now that I know how Father Sam reads a prophecy these have more meaning for me.  I have underlined the words and lines he underlined and bolded the word Fire as he had done on the copy I received from him.  On almost all other lines of the prophecy, there is a check mark at the end noting that Father Sam had absorbed that line, and concurred with its content.

As any casual student of the bible knows, prophecy is timeless, particularly when it describes the desires that God has for us, and from us.  So, this particular prophecy is as meaningful on January 2, 2010, as it was the day it was delivered.

Let it speak to you.

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