Saturday, January 23, 2010



My life, I placed into the hands of My enemies.
You also must be willing as I was willing, to be obedient, to do whatever, the Father required of Me even unto death.
You ask “who are your enemies?” they are the ones that I want to reach through you.
You say that you do not want to make enemies, but because you are Mine, and they are not yet, they are your enemies.

Be willing to be vulnerable enough to allow yourself to be hurt, used, embarrassed, and humiliated for My sake.
No one chooses this for themselves but for Me you allow My Father’s Will to unfold and bring about conversion and sorrow for sin, which might come about against you.

You can refuse the cross, but My graces, which are seen only in the aftermath, will be the greatest at that time.
Not one of My children is expendable and I will do anything to save to the last one.

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