Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fight The Good Fight


Fight or you will be overtaken by the evil one.
He prowls around looking for all and anyone to devour.
When you see how l and how My Mother overcame the enemy of God, Lucifer and his cohorts, you will be able to follow our example.
You do not fight a battle as with men but a spiritual battle, for your very souls and for your heavenly reward. 
Satan hates you because you are Mine and l have given you his place in the new heaven.

Because redemption has freed you, a new life has been opened up for you.
l do not want you to dwell on or be constantly anxious concerning evil, but l do want you to be vigilant and not so light hearted that you will be swept away from Me being unaware of what has transpired in a worid that is mostly invisible to you.

Make friends and be on a first name basis with your angel who will guide and protect you.
Consecrate yourself to My Sacred Heart and to the Heart of The Blessed Mother, who is for you a gift from the Most High, your Father.
Calm yourself and receive My peace.
You receive in your being, scripture to fight the temptations.
Do not engage in argument or try to defend yourself except to praise and utter words of glory to God.
Ignore, and place your thoughts away from anything that causes you mental anguish or turmoil, that is not from Me but the evil one.

This is not a time for sleep, as you recall, My disciples in the garden or Gethsemane.  Three times I tried to rouse them but to no avail.
You must not be found unaware of the dangers in these last hours.
My love for you will be guiding you and leading you into the next step, the next hurdle.
Refuse despair or a tendency to fatigue, it is part of his strategy for you to give up the struggle and quit fighting the good fight which will eventually get you home.

Stay close and return to Me confessing failures, always trusting in the love I have for you.
You are my beloved. I created you to be with Me for all eternity , go in peace to love and serve all within your doing.

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