Sunday, January 17, 2010


Praise The Lord Anyway

When we visited with Father Sam a while ago, before leaving for the American Southwest, we talked about many things.  One of them is a personal philosophy of Father Sam's that is really scripturally based, and sound doctrine.

Somewhere in his journey of faith, Father Sam learned about praising God in all situations.  You know, sometimes it is easy, and sometimes it is not.  It fits in with the words of James 1:2  "Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds".  I can tell you that for many years I struggled with that, particularly as my behind got hotter when God was busy getting my attention.

Father Sam was in a car crash in the later 90's, that as you can see from the picture below was pretty serious.  He did two things that day.  First, he refused to receive any injuries from that accident, and he walked away pain free.  Second, and most importantly, he Praised The Lord Anyway for the circumstance.

That's kind of how he lives his faith.  His car was hit so hard that his drivers seat was broken, and the back of the seat fell backwards into the back area of the car.  He got the car off to the side of the road, and was invited by a passing motorist to sit in his vehicle until help arrived.

As they were sitting, a truck passed by and something metal came flying over the roof of the car he was in.  They got out to check and it was Father Sam's licence plate.  As you can see above there is no plate on the back of his mangled car.  Since that was all he needed from the car in order to get a new one, once again Father Sam said Praise The Lord Anyway.

Rather than a traumatic experience that changed his life forever, the crash became an anecdote in a faith filled life.

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