Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It’s All About Love


There shall be no jealousy among you.
You were created in My image and I am forming you into perfection.
Listen to My instruction through the voice of My servants, My ministers as they bring to you My words, for your eternity rests upon your obedience and humility in the compliance.

Keep in your heart’s vision My face, being mindful always and in everything, that occupies your day, a prayer of praise and thanksgiving.
You are a walking tabernacle and you have been forgetful of Me throughout your day in the world. Correct this today.
You will be able to accomplish this bit by bit as you offer your meager beginnings and repeat often “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”
I will help you, for I desire very much, to keep you in this manner, from, not only sin but in order for you to acquire greater amounts of grace, than you have been receiving.

Your spirit will be predisposed to a holiness that has not as yet been accomplished.
There is so much that I wish for in the life I have gained for you.
Each of you has been specially chosen to be lights in your families.
You must overcome fear and shyness, in order for My purposes in using you.

Join Me as I cover you all with this blessing of peace and tranquility, a balm of healing for all your insecurities, and shortcomings.
Is there anything I will not do for you as you ask?

My love for you all, is poured out from the chalice I drank and am now offering to you.
Will you take the cup of uniting yourself to Me today?

As you close your eyes you will see My face and I will remain in your faith vision and in your heart always.

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